Working in the Field

Concentrating on birds these one to one workshops are designed for individuals who have some knowledge of photography but wish to improve there skills as a wildlife photographer. The day is flexible and can be tailored to the individual needs of the photographer.  Working in the field is on a one to one basis throughout the year in all weather conditions mainly designed for bird photography. Appropriate long lenses are recommended, 500mm plus for best results. These days are not a point and shoot and hope for the best exercise. The aim is to show techniques on how to approach the subject using field craft, understanding the subjects behavior and being able to blend into the background and surroundings. 


No public hides will be used.

As we will be working out in the field in different weather conditions, It may possibly be wet and raining and this shouldnt put you off, rain adds a extra element to a photograph. We will be using all available natural light to the best advantage, Looking at camera settings, depth of field, composition and how back button focusing works for wildlife photography.

These days will be at the Fleet and surrounding area on the Dorset coast. Car Park (pay and display). There is no set start or finish time and the day is flexible and can last as long as you want. (Early Mornings can be very productive, tide dependent)

Prices per day (one person only) £250. £50 deposit (non-refundable)


Equipment recommended..

400mm or larger

Cable release

Sturdy Tripod / Bean Bag

Waterproof covers for equipment if it rains.

Muted greens and brown clothing, no bright colours

Suitable warm and waterproof clothing

Wellingtons as we may well be walking in water

Something to eat and drink.

Toilets are avalable at the car park



Wildlife through the lens is not liable for any loss and or damage to any personal items, accident or injury. By booking any workshops you are accepting the terms and conditions.


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