My Photographic Hides

Photographic hides are as the name suggests, these are specifically designed for photographic purposes. There are plenty of commercial hides out there which are quite expensive if used regularly, and you end up with similar images to everyone else. I don't want that, so i set out and did some research, habitat was an important factor in this and away from any public, public footpaths and disturbance.

I approached a land owner with a 2000 acre estate with a variety of habitats, The estate was only to happy for me to set up a hide (hides). We arranged to meet and i was shown round, eventually i opted for a location in a rough grassland meadow surrounded by mixed woodland. The lighting is good and theres a tall uncut mixed hedge at the rear of the meadow providing a perfect defused background.


Woodland pool hide

This hide as a 12 x 8 foot shallow pool, attached to the pool is a woodland floor table at the rear and to the sides, The pool is left natural as nature dictates and is not manicured or  "props" introduced that shouldn't be there. Its only cleaned out if needed. For dull rainy days where natural light is limited there are 2 dimmable LED floodlights powered by a solar panel on the hide roof. These lights go un-noticed by the birds and don't effect their behaviour.

Since constructing these hides back in spring 2021 i have recorded over 50 species of birds.

Woodland hide front viewWoodland hide side view

Stream hides

The stream hides are a little further away on the bank of the stream that flows through the estate, They are located on a bend in the stream which gives good views up and down stream. Two of them are specifically designed for Kingfishers, Grey Wagtails and Dippers are regularly seen. The stream itself has deepish pockets of water and also exposed shingle in the shallower parts. The third third hide sits on the bank which looks down and up stream. There is also a small woodland feeding station from this hide.

Ive also modified a pop up hide with the legs of the chair shortened to 6 inches, this allows me to sit in the stream just above the water, giving another low angle view point. This works well when the water is at its normal level. But not advisable after heavy rain..

Kingfisher hide

Buzzard photography hide


This is out in the open but near enough to some large trees and consists of a few rotting logs placed together on the ground where road kill is placed, Above and slightly behind is a suitable and substantial angled perch.

The hide used here is a pop up and positioned tucked in a hedge some 20 meters away, this can be repositioned as nessesary.