Macro Days



The world of macro is largely overlooked; this secret world goes mostly un-noticed as we walk by going about our daily lives. A fantastic world of beauty and hidden gems waiting to be discovered and photographed. Your macro day will take place at a prime insect and flower location in North Dorset, and fungi in the autunm where there are endless photographic possibilities without the necessity to walk too far. Running all year round and as the seasons change, opens up so many different possibilities. Making the best of everything around us, getting down at low levels with the subjects will provide you with a unique perspective.


The techniques for this type of photography is very different from any other kind. Using reflectors, natural light and artificial light, mist sprays, diffusers, self-timers, manual focus, live view, focus stacking, composition, depth of field preview button. This is not a point and shoot exercise, each picture carefully planned before the shutter button is pressed. On a macro day you will not only learn the varied camera techniques, but also develop an understanding of composition and depth of field in relation to macro photography. The day is flexible, tailored to your needs and starts at 10am and can last as long as you want it to.


The location of your macro day experience is in the north west of Dorset, meeting at the Green Man pub, Kings Stag on the B3143.Our photographic location is just a short drive away. Parking is limited and available on site but you are advised to park on the roadside if it is wet. The dates for Macro days are limited so to ensure your place please contact me for availability and reserving your place.


There will be a maximum of three/four people on the day at a cost of only £250 per person. £50 deposit per person (non-refunderble)


You will need to bring you own equipment, including
A macro lens or a longer lens with extension tubes.

A shutter release 
Bean Bag
A tripod (which should be capable of very low level setting) It would be advisable to bring something to kneel on (as you will spend much of the time on or low to the ground)
Knee pads always come in useful
Rain covers for you and your equipment.
Something to kneel on.
Appropriate clothing and footwear
Something to eat and drink
There is a basic toilet on site




Wildlife through the lens is not liable for any loss and or damage to any personal items, accident or injury. By booking any workshops you are accepting the terms and conditions


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