Fungi and Shrooms photo Workshop

Location will be in Dorset or the New Forest.

A workshop designed to get the best out of fungi, Starting in October and going through till about December. This is vairiable depending on how the seasons weather is at the time. The full day will start at 10am and go on till 6pm..there will be a break for lunch. The day will be flexible depending on condtions and subject matter. There will be no toilets on site..

Fungi make interesting subjects to photograph, you dont need good light as this workshop will demonstrate the teckniques for lighting and for creating atmospheric images. also compostion, exposure and focus stacking will be covered.

There will be some walking and lying on the ground, a reasonable level of fitness will be required.

what to bring
Appropriate clothing and footware
DLSR or Mirrorless camera, macro lens or a longer focal lenght lens,
Extension tubes
Spare fully charged batteries.
Bean bag or a tripod capable of ground level
A mat or similar to lye on as the ground may be wet
A rain cover or plastic bag to cover equipment
Lunch and drinks

Additional photographic accessories will be provided for the duration of the workshop.

Maximum of 2 people, £200 per person.

Steve Barrett (nature through the lens) excepts no liability for loss, damage to equipment or personal injury.
By booking workshops you agree to these terms.
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