Butterflies on the Isle of Portland Workshop

This popular workshop will start at 3pm and last till sunset, when the light will be at its best. Run from June through to the End of August, August being the best month. Species will include
 Silver Studded Blue
 Common Blue
 Small Blue
 Chalk Hill Blue
 Wall Brown
 Large Skipper
 Small Skipper
 Lulworth Skipper
 Marbled White
There will be an oppurtunity to photograph against the setting sun as it drops into the sea.

Meeting place for this workshop will be behind the Portland Heights Hotel, There will be various locations to go to within easy flat walking distance.
Sensible footware and clothing would be advisable including knee pads if you have them. This workshop will include getting down low and lying on the ground. and will cover, compasision, lighting, exposure, camera settings etc

What to bring
Appropriate clothing and footware
DLSR or Mirrorless camera, macro lens or a longer focal lenght lens,
Extension tubes
Spare fully charged batteries.
Bean bag or a tripod capable of ground level
A mat or similar to lye on as the ground may be wet
A rain cover or plastic bag to cover equipment

Additional photographic accessories will be provided for the duration of the workshop.

One Peron, £200

Steve Barrett (nature through the lens) excepts no liability for loss, damage to equipment or personal injury.
By booking workshops you agree to these terms. Further Enquiries